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Praise for Cody

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What a Face

What a Face

“Such a sweet face.  Who could resist a little face like that?  Obviously, I couldn’t.  I just had to take this little devil home with me.  He is so much fun.  What a character.  We just love him and he loves to give love as much as receiving it.

I just couldn’t resist this little guy one day when I brought my other dog in to be groomed.  I have always been so pleased with my experiences with Shaggy Dog.  I have never been in another shop where they let the puppies out on the floor to play and get excersize.  It is so much easier to see the personalities of the dogs when they are in an area playing together instead of locked up in a cage.  I know that my puppy has been more socialized and is more comfortable with new people because of this environment.

The safety requirements make me feel safe that I have gotten a healthy puppy.  I feel that the store’s policies on handling the animals really helps to protect the health of the puppies and as someone purchasing a puppy, I am quite pleased that they are responsibly watching out for the welfare of the dogs.

The staff at the shop is always a pleasure to deal with.  From the purchase of a puppy to the return visits for toys and treats.  I feel quite comfortable leaving my puppies for grooming as well.  I feel that their grooming charges are VERY reasonable.  I have took my previous dog elsewhere before learning of their grooming facility.  I paid nearly twice as much to have Max groomed and I don’t think that he was treated as kindly anywhere else.

Cody has entered puppy training classes at Shaggy Dog and I am quite pleased with the results so far.  I have been taught how to work with him to raise an obediant dog.  He has been doing quite well and I think that he actually looks forward to going to class.  The class is small so that both puppy and master really have a good opportunity to work with the instructor.

What can I say?  I am so pleased with my experiences with Shaggy Dog.  I am always happy to recomend them to others.”

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