Wednesday, April 1st, 2009...10:52 pm

Praise for Josie

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Isn't she sweet

Isn't she sweet

I adopted my little love just over two years ago from Shaggy Dog.  I found it difficult to choose just one as I wanted to take ALL of them home with me.  I have continued to bring her in for grooming as she feels quite comfortable with the staff.  I know that my baby is in good hands.  Josie and I drop in frequently as she always seems to need a new toy or a bone.  The staff is friendly and quite helpful so I continue to purchase her food as well as her shampoo and any other needs at Shaggy Dog as well.  I have also heard about their training classes and I will be taking advantage of that as Josie does have a mind of her own sometimes.  I am a sucker and never did ‘train‘ her well.  I would definitely recommend the shop to anyone.  I have in fact told several frinds about the store and had a friend who found her new child there also.

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