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To Whom it May Concern :

Our family purchased a puppy from Shaggy Dog in January of 2012. We had lost our Shih Tzu of 14 years about three weeks before Christmas. The holiday season was very rough as the void in our house was tremendous. As the weeks went by, we realized that the emptiness was more than just the love we had for our dog, but also the enjoyment we had giving that love and time to our dog.

We decided that it would be impossible to function any longer without having a furry member of the family. We started researching, calling, and browsing for our next dog. The conclusion we came to was we would like another Shih Tzu, or in a perfect world, a Shih Tzu/Bichon Mix or “Teddy Bear” dog.  We called breeders, pet stores, and shelters. We could not find anything close to what we wanted. One Saturday, we called a pet store that told us that they did not sell puppies but there was a store in Utica that did sell puppies called Shaggy Dog.

We looked up the store’s phone number online and called. A very friendly voice answered and answered all of our questions, and even told us they had two Teddy Bear Puppies!!! We drove down from where we live, an hour away, the same day and looked around . We found the store to be incredibly clean and full of happy, adorable puppies. As excited as we were, being naturally cynical, we asked TONS of questions and actually did not make a purchase that day. We did not buy our past dogs from a retail store so I was very apprehensive to do so. All the employees answered all the questions they could and also gave us an email so that we could reach the owner if we had any more questions. The owner personally called me and gave us all the information we were looking for.

The next day we drove back down and purchased our puppy. We named him Peanut and he is the life of our house. He still has his “puppy” days but overall is a great dog. I really feel like the foundation of training that the Shaggy Dog gave him while he lived with them, helped him transition really well to our home.

We can’t even begin to state out much joy our Peanut gives us everyday. I am so thankful for Shaggy Dog because they did not just “sell us a puppy” but they provided us the newest member of our family. I hope anyone reading this considers letting Shaggy Dog provide them with their next pet. It is a great establishment and we will probably never get another pet from anywhere else.

Thank you Donna, Doris, and Debbie for answering all our questions and still providing us with loving support for our puppy :)

The Delor Family

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