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I have gotten 3 fur babies from Shaggy Dog Puppies and could not say enough wonderful things about Donna and her staff.
We got our first Yorkie, Snickers, in July of 2005. I had stopped by the store to pick up some treats in April 2006 and ended up falling in love with and bringing home Yorkie #2, Bailey.
My Husband had a job transfer that reloacted us to Cincinnati, Ohio. We came back to the area for a friend’s wedding in October 2007 and fell in love with Sophie the Yorkie Poo.
All of our pups are in good health and have added so much to our lives and hearts. Bailey, the smallest of the pack, actually stayed with Donna for a while when he first came to the store since he was so small. Her Sister now has his Dad, Vinnie. It really is a family affair!
Shaggy Dog Puppies is the cleanest and friendliest store that I have ever been to. I hesitate telling people that I got my babies from a “pet store” due to the stigma, but Shaggy Dog is so much more.
Thank goodness that we no longer live in the area or we would have even more of a housefull!
Thank you Donna and the girls in the shop for taking such good care of all the future loves of our lives.
Kathy O’Neill
I have attached some photos for you. Bailey is the first one. He is one of Vinnie’s kids. Then there’s Sophie our little Yorkie Poo and Snickers, the little General. Snickers loves climbing up on my pillows after I wake up to get a little extra sleep.
I have some additional photos that I can send you that are downloaded on my desktop. We don’t have as many on the laptop.
I would love it if you would be able to send us a picture of Vinnie. Whenever we bring Bailey back to visit, everyone always says that they look alike.

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